Large capital improvement projects currently underway

OARS Deep Sewer Tunnel

OARS Deep Sewer Tunnel The Olentangy Augmentation Relief Sewer (OARS) tunnel will carry wet weather overflows that would otherwise empty into the Scioto River, to wastewater treatment plants. Construction began in September 2010 and is expected to be operational by late summer 2017.  - learn more

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Blueprint Columbus

Recently the US EPA issued a policy, recognizing the importance of allowing cities to take into consideration all of the regulatory challenges of complying with the Clean Water Act, and prioritizing work to achieve water quality goals more efficiently. They are strongly promoting the use of green infrastructure to meet these challenges. - learn more

Alum Creek Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project

Alum Creek Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project Constructed of reinforced concrete in the late 1960s, the Alum Creek Sewer has started to crack and erode. The City will perform “trenchless” rehabilitation of approximately 6,700 lineal feet of this sewer to extend its service life.Estimated cost is approximately $6 million with construction beginning summer 2015 to last about 1 year. Every effort will be made to reduce any disruption to public accessed areas. - learn more

Hoover Boardwalk Improvements

Hoover Boardwalk Improvements Improvements to the Hoover Nature Preserve Boardwalk begin in May 2015 to make better use of the space, eliminate rutting, improve handicapped parking and better protect water quality. Construction for the improvements is funded through Ohio EPA's Surface Water Improvement program and includes installation of permeable pavers, a vegetated infiltration area and educational signage for visitors. - learn more

Land Application

Biosolids Land Application Facility This project will provide infrastructure at the Southerly Wastewater Treatment plant to increase the beneficial agricultural re-use of the plant’s biosolids by land application as opposed to disposing of them using incineration, which would be more costly due to required upgrades to that system. Construction is planned to begin in the late summer of 2015 and will be completed by late fall 2016. The current estimate for construction is $36 million and will be financed by a below-market rate loan obtained through the OEPA and the debt is being serviced through City of Columbus sewer customer revenue. - learn more


DELAND AVENUE AREA WATER LINE IMPROVEMENTS Located in Clintonville, west of N. High Street and South of W. Henderson Road, replaces or rehabilitates the existing 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch water lines with high break frequency. It includes approximately 12,000 linear feet of water line replacement. The project will also include new fire hydrant installations and water service transfers; expected to begin in the fall of 2015 - learn more

5th Ave Dam Project

5th Ave Dam Project The Department of Public Utilities is working in conjunction with the US Army Corp of Engineers to restore the ecosystem of the Lower Olentangy Sub-basin, with the primary focus on the 5th Avenue Dam. - learn more

Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Tunnel

Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Tunnel The BCSIS is an extension of an existing 66-inch sewer that currently ends near Blacklick Ridge Boulevard. The project area encompasses the Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road corridor and extends north to Morse Road. It will have a finished diameter of 10 feet and constructed at a depth of 30 feet below ground at its start, ending at a depth of 140 feet. The estimated cost is $125 million with an anticipated completion in 2019.
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Upground Reservoir Rendering

Upground Reservoir Construction was completed on Columbus' Upground Reservoir built in northwestern Delaware County. View brochure - learn more

Project Clean Rivers

Project Clean Rivers Project Clean Rivers and the Wet Weather Management Plan will invest $2.5 billion over the next 40 years for sewer infrastructure improvements that will make our waterways cleaner and our city healthier.
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