Income Tax FAQs

General City Income Tax

  • Can someone help me prepare my city tax return?
  • How can I make sure my employer is withholding the correct local tax from my wages?
  • How do I determine where my local tax is owed?
  • How do I know that the federal tax information I submit with my return will remain confidential?
  • How do I know what city I live and/or work in?
  • I owe city taxes but I am unable to pay my full liability at the time my return is due. Should I still file my return?
  • I reside in Columbus, my wages are my only taxable income and my employer is withholding my Columbus tax liability properly. Do I need to file a Columbus return?
  • I work in a city that has a 1% local tax rate and I reside in a city that has a 2.5% local tax rate, yet my employer only withheld local taxes to my city of employment. How do I meet my 2.5% total local tax obligation to my city of residence?
  • I work in Harrisburg and live in Columbus. How do I complete my return?
  • I'm a partner in a partnership and a Columbus resident. Do I owe Columbus tax on my income from the partnership?
  • I'm self-employed but my business has not shown a profit. Am I required to file a return? 
  • I'm serving in a fiduciary capacity. What is my responsibility for filing?
  • I'm starting a business. What do I need to do about city taxes?
  • I have income in addition to that reported on my W-2 from my employer. Can my employer withhold additional tax above the local rate to cover this tax liability?
  • Is a filing extension granted to serving in the military (armed forces) while in a combat zone?
  • Is city withholding tax based on employee work location or residence?
  • My spouse and I file separately at the federal/state levels. Do I have to file the same for municipal purposes?
  • What are the top 10 mistakes people make in filing a tax return?
  • What if my employer chooses not to withhold the alternate tax for me?
  • When can I expect my refund?

ACH Credit Transactions

  • Can I choose between different types of ACH EFT payments?
  • Can I make one ACH Credit payment for more than one city?
  • Can the City debit my account without my knowledge or permission?
  • Is EFT required or voluntary?
  • What Constitutes Timely EFT Payment?
  • What if I have a Payroll Service Provider, can I utilize the EFT payment program?
  • What is an ACH Credit Registration Number?
  • What is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
  • What is the most common EFT payment method?
  • What methods of EFT does the City accept?
  • What steps are necessary to become an EFT taxpayer?
  • Where do I report my ACH payments on my city return?

What is Taxable?

  • What is Taxable?
  • What Are Unincorporated Businesses?
  • What Income Is Not Taxable?

Who Must File?

  • Who Must File A Return With The Columbus Income Tax Division?