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University District Plan

The University District Plan will update and replace the existing University Neighborhoods Revitalization Plan (1996) and other planning documents for the University District. The planning area boundary is Fifth Avenue on the south, the Olentangy River on the west, the Glen Echo Ravine on the north, and the railroad tracks on the east. The Plan will include a land use plan, design guidelines for future commercial and residential development, and identify capital improvements for the neighborhood.

Public involvement in the planning process has been extensive and has included more than 25 stakeholder interviews, public workshops on September 24, 2013 and February 11, 2014, presentations to University District civic associations, developers, and others.  To date approximately 350 people have participated in the process via the two public workshops and online surveys, with over 2,000 pieces of input received in total. 

An open house on the complete draft of the University District Plan was held on Tuesday, September 23rd at the Indianola Church of Christ at 2141 Indianola Ave.  The open house meeting materials, including the open house presentation, informational boards, and the complete draft plan, are provided below.  It is important to note the document titled "Potential Edits to Draft Plan", included below.  This document lists edits to the posted draft that are currently under consideration.  

The draft plan is tentatively scheduled for the consideration of the University Area Commission at its November 19th meeting at the Northwood and High Building (2231 N High St Columbus, OH 43201).  

Open House Presentation


Land Use

Design Guidelines


Capital Improvements

Potential Edits to Draft Plan

Draft University District Plan

Staff Contact:
Mark Dravillas, AICP, Neighborhood Planning Manager