Special Events Planning Guide Gallery Image 4

A. Parks & Waterways
     1. Park Permit
     2. Marine Event Permit
B. Streets & Sidewalks
     1. Block Party/ Street Closure Permit
     2. Occupancy Permit
     3. Parade Permit
C. Event Operations Permits
     1. Temporary Event Permit
     2. Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and Flame Effects Exhibition Permit
     3. Temporary Food Service License
     4. Mobile Food Vending License
     5. Temporary Commercial Zone Permit
     6. Commercial Sales/ Promoter License
     7. Community Noise Permit
     8. Festival Registration - Tent & Electrical Permits
     9. Carnival/ Circus License
     10. Charitable Solicitation Permit

A. City Services
     1. Temporary Removal of Metered Parking
     2. Litter Removal/ Recycling/ Trash Clean Up
     3. Temporary Water
     4. Electricity
     5. EMS, Fire Prevention, Hazmat, Assessment and DART
     6. Security/ Crowd and Traffic Control
     7. Requesting the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
B. Privately Contracted Services
     1. Traffic Control Devices
     2. Crowd Control Devices
     3. Tents on Public Streets
     4. Portable Restrooms
     5. Grease, Ash, and Gray Water Disposal

A. Securing Park Facilities for Event Use
     1. Park Reservations & Facility Rental Fees
     2. Riverfront Parks
     3. Gated/ Private Events
     4. Regional and Neighborhood Parks
     5. Event Insurance
B. Site Policies for Park Facilities
     1. Tents in Public Parks
     2. Mobile Stages/ Platforms
     3. Park Electricity
     4. Conducting Sales and Fundraising within Parks
     5. Alcohol Policy for Park Shelterhouses
     6. Banners and Signage
     7. Your Safety and Safety of Others
     8. Emergency Alcohol Plan
     9. Post-Event Site Inspection

IX. Appendix A. Special Events Permit Application & Sample Certificate of Insurance
B. Block Party Permit Application with Major Downtown Contacts
C. Occupancy Permit Application (Dept. of Public Service)
D. Sample of Emergency No Stopping Signage (Dept. of Public Service)
E. Sample of Public Notice Parking Restriction Signage (Dept. of Public Service)
F. Special Event Evaluation Request Form (Div. of Fire EMS)
G. Temporary Event Permit Application (Div. of Fire, Special Inspections)
H. Fireworks, Pyrotechnics Permit Application (Div. of Fire, Special Inspections)
I. Temporary Food License Application (Columbus Public Health)
J. Mobile Food Service Operation License Application (Columbus Public Health)
K. Mobile Food Vendor License Application (License Section - Public Safety)
L. Temporary Commercial Zone Application (Food Trucks)
M. Parade Permit Application (License Section - Public Safety)
N. Community Noise Permit Application (License Section - Public Safety)
O. Commercial Sales/ Promoter License Application (License Section - Public Safety)
P. Carnival/ Circus License Application (License Section - Public Safety)
Q. Charitable Solicitation Permit Application (License Section - Public Safety)
R. Festival Registration for Tents and Stages Application (Building & Zoning Services Department)
S. Electric Permit Application (Building & Zoning Services Department)
T. Special Event Fire Hydrant Permit Application
U. Bicentennial Parks Arts Pavilion Stage & Sound System Rental Agreement
V. Marine Event Permit Application

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) is now offering financial support to local public event organizers to assist with the promotion of waste reduction activities, increasing recycling and composting at events and generating public awareness about waste reduction. - learn more