Alum Creek Area Subtrunk Sewer Upsizing and Rehabilitation

CIP# 650009-100005

This project will construct a 450-ft of 60’’ corrosion resistant pipe to replace the existing 42’’ sanitary sewer near Roads End Place and College Avenue. It will also rehabilitate the elliptical pipe under Alum Creek near Roads End Place.  Additionally, it will remove the flap gate on Alum Creek Interceptor Sewer near Airport Drive and Kelenard Avenue, and rehabilitate associated manhole structures. 

The goal of the project is to mitigate sewer overflow to Alum Creek at DSR 244 near Roads End Place to a 10-year level of service, and prevent river inflow and infiltration to the sanitary sewer. This project also allows the full utilization of the upstream end of the Alum Creek Interceptor Sewer.

Pending final approval from Ohio EPA, construction is expected to begin in fourth quarter of 2022.

Financing for this project is being provided by a below market-rate loan through the OEPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Program. Prior to granting this loan, the Ohio EPA required a detailed submittal from the Division of Sewerage and Drainage to determine the project’s eligibility.

For additional information, please contact Fang Cheng, PhD., PE at 614-645-1267.

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