Barnett Deshler HSTS Elimination

This project will construct sanitary sewer improvements along East Deshler Ave, Barnett Rd and Bexvie Ave. View the project area map(PDF, 2MB).

The Division of Sewerage and Drainage (the City) will construct sanitary main to provide sanitary service to the residents of the Mid East Columbus Community Area. The proposed eight-inch diameter sewer will connect to the existing sanitary sewer on East Deshler Ave and on Bexvie Ave. This project is intended to eliminate the on-lot home sewage treatment systems (HSTS) currently serving the residents of this area. 

Pending final approval from OEPA, construction will start in spring 2022 and be completed by fall 2022.

Financing for this project is being provided by a below-market rate loan obtained through the OEPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) and the debt will be serviced through the City of Columbus Sanitary fees.

Ohio EPA has issued a Final Finding of No Significant Impact for the City of Columbus, Department of Public Utilities’ Barnett/E. Deshler HSTS Elimination project (CIP# 650895-100005; WPCLF Loan Number CS390274-0404). View the Final Finding of No Significant Impact(PDF, 718KB)

For questions regarding this project, construction and schedule - contact Project Manager, Jim Arthur, at or 614-645-2937.

Questions regarding the Septic Tank Elimination Program (STEP) should be directed to: Jeff Lyons, REHS. STEP Program Coordinator, Division of Environmental Health Water and Land Protection: Phone: 614-645-6754 or email to

Additional information on the STEP Program and Q&A forms can be found at the city’s website at