Intermodal Sanitary Subtrunk Extension

The City of Columbus will be constructing the Intermodal Sanitary Subtrunk Extension (ISSE) in order to extend sanitary sewer service further into the Northern Pickaway Joint Economic Development District, which is located just south of Rickenbacker International Airport and other surrounding areas.

The ISSE is an extension of an existing 60-inch sewer that currently passes through the Village of Lockbourne and terminates at the Norfolk Southern Intermodal facility on S.R. 762. The project area begins along Thoroughbred Court, just east of S.R. 762 Street and extends easterly, generally following Rickenbacker Parkway until it crosses Airbase Road. Please view the map(PDF, 392KB) for a more detailed alignment layout.

The finished diameter for the Subtrunk will be 54-inches. It will be constructed of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) with a wet-cast, integral high density polypropylene (HDPE) studded liner that is jacked into place behind a micro tunnel boring machine (MTBM) as it mines through the soil and overburden. Hydrogeological and geophysical studies were performed to select the best technology for tunnel construction and to ensure the MTBM is designed to operate in a manner that reduces impacts to nearby residents and wells. The tunnel will be constructed at an approximate depth of 30 feet below ground.

The project will be advertised for bid and the City will issue the construction Notice to Proceed in spring 2023. While the MTBM is mining, intermediate shafts will be constructed to provide jacking and service locations during construction and ultimately future connection points as the service area develops. Overall, the entire project is due to be completed by spring 2025. Traffic impacts are being mitigated through restricted hauling hours and designated hauling routes.

To finance the construction of this project, the City of Columbus will apply for a low interest loan from the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF). The city has requested similar funding for the Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer and many other Capital Improvements Projects in the past.

After the bids have been opened and the contractor has been selected, the City of Columbus will hold a public meeting in order to address any construction logistics questions the public may have. Any questions beforehand, should be sent to the project manager, Grace McInerney, P.E. at; or 614-645-8630.

Ohio EPA has issued a Final Finding of No Significant Impact for the City of Columbus, Department of Public Utilities’ Intermodal Sanitary Subtrunk Extension (“ISSE”), Phase 1 project (CIP# 650491-100007; WPCLF Loan Number CS390274-0379). View the Final Finding of No Significant Impact.(PDF, 843KB) 

For questions regarding this project - contact Project Manager, James Howdyshell, at 

Micro-tunnelingPipeInstallationCONTACT INFO - for general project inquiries:
Department of Public Utilities
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General project inquiries: (614) 645-2926 
For all other inquiries related to construction activity: 614-484-0949.

Photo: Typical micro-tunneling pipe installation.