Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk (LIS) Air Quality Improvements

Columbus will be constructing two new air quality facilities for a new sanitary main (Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk) to provide improved air quality for the region and aid in the reduction of system corrosion by treating H2S.  The improvements will include construction of the media beds, controls and instrumentation.

The project area encompasses two shaft site locations along the LIS sewer alignment. These include Site 1 at 548 Rowe Road as well as Site 2, located at the intersection of Lockbourne Road and Ashville Pike.

The project will be advertised for bid in late 2019 and the City will issue the Notice to Proceed in 2020. The entire project is due to be completed in 2021. Traffic impacts should be minimal and will be coordinated with Paving the Way.

Financing for this contract is being provided by a below-market rate loan obtained through the OEPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) and the debt is being serviced through City of Columbus sewer customer revenue.

The Ohio EPA has completed a Limited Environmental Review (LER) for this project. View the LER(PDF, 737KB) and the letter of "Notice of Issuance of a Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact to All Interested Citizens, Organizations and Government Agencies." 

Questions regarding this project should be directed to Jeremy K. Cawley, P.E.