HCWP Basin Concrete Rehabilitation – Phase 2

The City of Columbus Division of Water operates three large water plants: Hap Cremean Water Plant (HCWP), Dublin Road Water Plant (DRWP), and Parsons Avenue Water Plant (PAWP). The HCWP is the largest of the three water plants. It is a surface water treatment plant that draws raw water from the Big Walnut Creek downstream of the Hoover Reservoir. It has an OEPA approved capacity of 125 million gallons per day (MGD) and an annual average day flow of approximately 70 MGD. The HCWP provides water to approximately 500,000 customers across a service area generally consisting of the northern half of Franklin County and a portion of southern Delaware County.

The HCWP Basin Concrete Rehabilitation project is part of the City’s continuing capital improvement program to upgrade and maintain its treatment facilities to ensure a reliable supply of potable water to approximately 1.2 million central Ohio customers. The HCWP was originally constructed in 1954 and later expanded in 1967, so the major structures are more than 50 years. Over time, concrete deteriorates due to age and the effects of weather (e.g., freeze and thaw cycles). The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate deteriorated concrete structures in and around the settling and flocculation basin area. Structures to be addressed include the basins, transfer channels and flumes leading to/from the basin area, and associated walkways/platforms/etc.  Also included in the project is the rehabilitation or replacement of components embedded in the concrete including joint seals, gratings, frames, hatch covers, handrails, guardrails, light poles, and valves and gates. This project will help extend the life of this facility so that it can continue to provide a reliable source of water to Columbus and surrounding communities for many years to come. Construction will start in the fall of 2021 and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2025.

The Division of Water plans to fund this project with a below market-rate loan through the Ohio EPA’s Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) Program. Prior to granting this loan, the Ohio EPA required a detailed submittal from the Division of Water to determine the project’s eligibility for the program. 

The Ohio EPA has completed a Limited Environmental Review (LER) for this project. View the LER(PDF, 955KB) "Notice of Issuance of a Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact to All Interested Citizens, Organizations and Government Agencies.”

For questions, please call the Technical Support Section office at (614) 645-7100.