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Healthy Beginnings At Home

Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services Executive Director

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Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services

About Us
The Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services administers assistance and support programs that impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, families, and children residing in Franklin County. These efforts are designed to provide temporary support for people in need of life stability and assistance as they work to emerge from poverty.

CelebrateOne Initiatives We’re Involved In
Babies born too small or too soon
Health inequities

CelebrateOne Recommendations We Address
Improve Women’s Health Before Pregnancy (Year One)
Improve Reproductive Health Planning

Our CelebrateOne Accomplishments to Date
From February 24 to June 11, 2015 enrollment in Medicaid for the target population of women of child-bearing age in the hotspot neighborhoods has increased by nearly 15 percent. Part of that success is due to our aggressively reinstating customers who lost coverage through the reactivated renewal process.
FCDJFS has established a specialized unit to identify and prioritize the processing of Medicaid applications for pregnant women.
FCDJFS has worked with our community partners to define a baseline for measuring our progress to enroll women in our target population in Medicaid