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Maternal Health Report
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Healthy Beginnings At Home Policy Brief

Healthy Beginnings At Home

Infant Vitality Toolkit for Men and Fathers The Infant Vitality Toolkit for Men and Fathers is a resource that can help involve men in the pregnancy process and educate them about their role in infant care. Whether fathers are looking for information on their own or in a group setting, this Toolkit provides valuable resources. It takes all of us -- including fathers -- to ensure that all babies see their first birthdays and beyond. 

Toolkit Overview: One-page summary of the Toolkit and how to use it.
Facilitator Curriculum Guide: Layout of each of the Toolkit modules, including all supplemental materials.
Infant Vitality Toolkit Modules: The Toolkit, divided into 12 topics, including co-parenting, career and life planning, and more. Each module includes links to slides and resources.
Resources for Men & Fathers: Additional resources available for men and fathers related to each of the Toolkit modules. 
Infant Mortality Overview: Information about infant mortality in Franklin County, including current data. 
Provide Toolkit Feedback!: Let us know how to improve this Toolkit.