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NOTICE: Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s Office of Special Events is declaring a moratorium on all new race events (as defined in the Event Planning Guide) on multi-use bike trails in the downtown area starting Dec. 1, 2023, until further notice. The primary areas affected by this moratorium will be the Lower Scioto Greenway.

This declaration is based on a number of factors, including high demand, as well as new and ongoing construction projects in the area, which restrict the access to a portion of the trail between Souder Avenue and Broad Street. 

Staff will review any pending applications for feasibility, but recommends no new events plan or start an application for this area. 

Columbus' 400+ parks are a great place for residents to connect with each other, enjoy nature and stay active. These are the community’s parks, and it takes all of us to ensure they are a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

Let’s be good neighbors! Click here to learn how you can help ensure our parks are safe and enjoyable for all. 

Special Event Permit

A Special Event Permit is issued for an event utilizing parks, streets and waterways in the City of Columbus where planned activities go beyond normal use. Special Events include festivals, street fairs, concerts, races, regattas, etc. These events may include street closing and are marketed citywide or regionally and involve extensive planning and coordination with multiple city departments. The deadline to submit an application for a Special Event Permit is 60 days prior to the event.
Special Event Planning Guide 
Special Event Application User Manual 
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Block Party Permit

A Block Party Permit is issued for the closure of a block and/or street for residents of the block and their families. There is no marketing and/or community advertising for the block party and the block party is not open to the public. Alcohol is not permitted on the streets of a residential block party. Church festivals, fairs and/or giveaways are excluded from residential block parties. The deadline to submit the Block Party Application is 30 days prior to the block party.
Block Party Planning Guide 
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Film Permit 

A Film Permit is issued for any commercial purpose filming and/or photo shoots within the City of Columbus parks or streets. Non-commercial, still and/or personal photographers may require a permit. The deadline to submit a Film Application is 5 days before filming, except when closing a street as part of the filming then the deadline is 30 days before the filming date. 
Film Planning Guide 
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Event Permit Calendar

The Office of Special Events maintains a calendar for events requiring a permit. Please note this calendar does not reflect the availability of parks. Event Permit Calendar 

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Course      Distance (Miles)   Course Capacity   Digital Map
Columbus Commons 1   3.1   10,000   Digital Map
Columbus Commons 2   2.9   10,000   Digital Map
Columbus Commons 3   6.2   5K: 10,000
   10K: 1,000
   Digital Map
Columbus Commons 4   1.5   Sidewalk: 200
   Road: 10,000
   Digital Map
Columbus Commons 5   1.2   Sidewalk: 200
   Road: 10,000
   Digital Map
Crew Stadium   3.1   500   Digital Map
Genoa Park 1   3   1,000   Digital Map
Genoa Park 2   3.3   1,000   Digital Map
Genoa Park 3   3.1   1,000   Digital Map
Genoa Park 4   3.1   1,000   Digital Map
Genoa Park 5   3.1   10,000   Digital Map
Genoa Park 6   2.8   10,000   Digital Map
Genoa Park 7   6.2   5K: 10,000
   10K: 1,000
   Digital Map
Genoa Park 8   1   Sidewalk: 200
   Road: 10,000
   Digital Map
Genoa Park 9   1.5   Sidewalk: 200
   Road: 10,000
   Digital Map
Huntington Park 1   3.1   1,000   Digital Map
Huntington Park 2   3.2   1,000   Digital Map
Huntington Park 3   1.1   5,000   Digital Map
McFerson Commons 1   3.1   1,000   Digital Map
McFerson Commons 2   3.1   1,000   Digital Map
Smith Farms   3.1   500   Digital Map
Wolfe Park 1   3.1   500   Digital Map
Wolfe Park 2   1   1000
   (Parking limited)
   Digital Map


The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) is now offering financial support to local public event organizers to assist with the promotion of waste reduction activities, increasing recycling and composting at events and generating public awareness about waste reduction.
Green Event Guide 
SWACO Community Waste Reduction Grant Information 
SWACO Event Waste Reduction Grant Information 
SWACO Recycling Container Loan Program Information