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100 Days of Play

play rain or shine


1. Play a game of hide and seek.
2. Plan a scavenger hunt with your friends around your home.
3. Play Dance Dance Revolution.
4. Roller Skate at the roller rink.
5. Skip and splash in the rain.
6. Ice skate at the Chiller.
7. Play broomball with your friends at a local rec center.
8. Have a family contest to see who can do the most jumping jacks.
9. Check out the Audubon Center downtown.
10. Gather a circle of friends to play Duck Duck Goose.
11. Play Wii Fit or Wii Boxing.
12. Climb the Recreation and Parks climbing wall at Linden and Douglas Recreation Centers.
13. Jump in the rain puddles after a big storm.
14. Write a play and perform it for your family.
15. Build a blanket fort in your living room.
16. Make mud pies.
17. Turn up the music and dance.
18. Play I-Spy with your friends.
19. Visit COSI exhibits.
20. Play volleyball at your neighborhood recreation center.
21. Start some music and play Limbo.
22. Play Simon Says.
23. Plan your own indoor Olympics around your home.
24. Play London Bridge is Falling Down.
25. Make a castle, car, or rocket with a big cardboard box.


26. Visit the Columbus Zoo and walk around the exhibits.
27. Play a pick-up basketball game at the neighborhood park.
28. Play the game Horse at a basketball court.
29. Have a free-throw contest at a basketball court.
30. Take a family walk around the Bicentennial Park downtown and visit the Santa Maria.
31. Go to the skateboard park like the one at Dodge Recreation Center.
32. Greet the sunrise with yoga in your backyard or at a free session.
33. Take a family walk after dinner.
34. Fly a kite on a windy day.
35. Play Frisbee Golf in the park.
36. Wash and wax your family or friends’ cars (splashing optional!)
37. Play kickball with your friends.
38. Ride your bike with friends and family on one of the many bike paths.
39. Pull weeds, dig dirt and have fun in the garden.
40. Plant seeds from the fruit you eat.
41. Play capture the flag at school, the park, or around the neighborhood.
42. Catch lightening bugs (and let them go!)
43. Swim in your neighborhood pool.
44. Rollerblade on any multi-use park or bikeway.
45. Play on the jungle gym at the closest local school.
46. Spend an afternoon dancing at the Latino Fest.
47. Participate in a neighborhood clean-up (or organize one yourself!)
48. Join a tee-ball or softball league.
49. Play Whiffle Ball.
50. Organize a game of Red Rover.
51. Walk your dog everyday (or your neighbor’s dog) for an entire week.
52. Enjoy a game of Hacky Sack with friends.
53. Paddle a canoe at a Metro Park.
54. Take a family hike.
55. Hop scotch on a driveway or safe dead-end.
56. Have a backyard squirt gun battle.
57. Build a sand castle at Alum Creek.
58. Bury a friend in the sand at Alum Creek.
59. Walk in the African American Family Walk in August.
60. Fish at Antrim Park.
61. Make your own Corn Hole game and play.
62. Have a supervised water balloon contest.
63. Go retro and have potato sack races.
64. Play Red Light Green Light.
65. Play Kick the Can.
66. Organize your friends to play Dodge Ball in the park.
67. Jump rope.
68. Play Hula Hoop games with your friends.
69. Play at City tennis courts.
70. Play a pick-up game of touch football.
71. Play Freeze Tag at a friend’s house or a park.
72. Use two softball bases and a ball to play Pickle.
73. Play Marco Polo at the pool.
74. Play King of the Hill.
75. Play Flashlight Tag at dusk.
76. Use sidewalk chalk for Hop Scotch.
77. Organize jumping and running games in your backyard or park.
78. Draw a sidewalk or driveway mural with sidewalk chalk.
79. Do backyard nature crafts.
80. Hike a trail near your neighborhood.
81. Play Steal the Bacon.
82. Skip stones on the water.
83. Run through a sprinkler at home.
84. Play soccer at your neighborhood recreation center.
85. Play Frisbee in your backyard or the park.
86. Challenge your friends in a tetherball contest.
87. Run races with your friends at the park.
88. Dance to the great bands at the Jazz & Rib Fest.
89. See how fast you can run the stairs at your school’s stadium.
90. Learn how to Double Dutch.
91. Check out one of Columbus Recreation and Parks’ many summer camps.
92. Practice your best baseball swings like the Columbus Clippers.
93. Play Badminton in the back yard.
94. Canoe at Indian Village.
95. Learn how to ride a unicycle (good luck!)
96. Have some wheel barrel races in a nearby park.
97. Play Four Square with some friends.
98. Go canoeing at Indian Village day camp.
99. Go sailing at O’Shaughnessy Reservoir through Columbus Recreation & Parks Boating program.
100. Stargaze at night.

Download or print 100 Days of Play.