Workforce Development Grants

Columbus City Council is committed to promoting workforce development initiatives that provide opportunities for good paying jobs for Columbus residents. Funds are available to eligible nonprofit organizations and programs with fiscal sponsorship by a nonprofit to support workforce development. Please note that funding determinations are assumed to be one time only, and there is no guarantee that future funding will be available.

Eligibility Criteria

While there are no specific disqualifiers, applicants should include organizations that can demonstrate the following qualities or attributes:

  • Possess the ability to engage residents who are unemployed, underemployed, or who would otherwise benefit the most from workforce opportunities to improve their personal income or benefits;
  • Have established relationships with employers or industry representatives that are seeking new employees or looking to be responsive to evolving workforce demands;
  • Demonstrate a successful track record of implementing or executing workforce development-related programming and initiatives.

Past programs supported by the Columbus City Council Workforce Development Grant Program have provided enrollees with an industry-recognized credential. Additionally, any proposal should include information as to the defined employment pathway post completion of the program - in other words, what industries (or specific employers) will employ program participants, what are the anticipated benefits of the corresponding jobs, and what are the opportunities for ongoing career development and growth.

Programs that receive funding from the Columbus City Council Workforce Development Grant Program will be required to provide the City with information regarding participant recruitment, curriculum graduation rates, and post completion job placement (including wage/benefits of said job placement).

To be considered for workforce development grant funding, please complete the application below in its entirety. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. There is no timeline for determination of funding - applications are considered on a rolling basis and are funded based upon the availability of resources. Supplemental documentation is encouraged, and additional documents or program information can be emailed to