Housing For All

In March 2021, Columbus City Council passed the Housing for All legislative package, which amended Chapters 4501 and 4551 of Columbus City Code. The amendments are intended to address some of the critical affordable housing challenges within the City of Columbus by providing residents fair access and protections in the search for affordable housing. The three ordinances include: Source of Income, Renter's Choice and Rental Receipt Legislation.

Source of Income Discrimination (0494-2021) - Operators are prohibited from denying prospective tenants based upon their lawful source of income, including but not limited to, income derived from wages, social security, supplemental security income, public or private sources, all forms of federal, state or local assistance payments or subsidies, including rent vouchers, child support, spousal support, and public assistance.

Renter's Choice (0495-2021) - If an operator requires a tenant to pay a security deposit, they must provide two alternatives to paying the deposit in full, including the payment of the security deposit over a series of 3 monthly installments, or the payment of the security deposit in 6 monthly installments.

Rental Receipt (0496-2021) - Operators must provide tenants with a written receipt upon payment of rent or a security deposit.