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You're taking the first step to making your home, business, or community group part of a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable Columbus. We're glad you're here.

GreenSpot reaches 20,000 members

GreenSpot Reaches 20k members The Columbus GreenSpot program hit 20,000 members milestone. This program inspires, educates, and recognizes households, businesses, community groups, and neighborhoods that adopt sustainable practices.

Hey Columbus...Join the movement today!


Why join GreenSpot? For a couple of really good reasons, actually. One, it's a small thing you can do to make a big impact on the health and future of Columbus. Two, it couldn't be easier.


Our green community is growing daily and currently has more than 23,000 current members consisting of households, businesses, organizations, and community groups. Collectively they have saved more than $12 million, reduced CO2 emissions by 70 million pounds, reduced water consumption by 226 million gallons, and recycled 37 million pounds. 


GreenSpot inspires, educates, and recognizes households, businesses, and community groups that adopt green practices. GreenSpot is a membership-based program that provides a framework to think about sustainability and a way to log your successes. It is free to join and there is no fee or cost. If you live in Franklin County or surrounding counties you are eligible! 

GreenSpotLight Award Winners

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Congratulations to the 2023 GreenSpotLight award winners! Council President Pro Tem Dorans recognized three businesses on their successes over the past year.

See the press release (download). Check out the Winners' Highlight document (download) for a detailed look at their success. 

Attendees heard from Columbus Public Utilities Director Kristen Atha about the Sustainable Columbus' successes. Brooke White, co-chair of the GreenSpot Advisory Board, presented on the GreenSpot 2022 achievements. Attendees where treated to a trivia game-congrats to those winners. The event was held at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. Thank you to the event sponsors: Sage Sustainable Electronics and VS Engineering. Thanks to the trivia prize sponsors, CeraNet and Rewash Refillery.  

Watch the recorded event. View previous winners.

Benefits of a Sustainability Manager position and Starting a Green Team at Work

Sustainability Manager video cover

Is your business looking to create a sustainability manager position? That role plays a critical component within any organization. They help ensure that a business is committed to an agenda that will lead to a secure future, target and eliminate wasting resources, and help overall operations. Check out our video which highlights the benefits of a sustainability manager position. Check out this accompanying document

Starting a green team at work can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Who do you include? What type of structure is right for you? With the help of the GreenSpot Advisory Board we have come up with a how-to guide to start your own green team at work. This guide covers how to tailor your message to each department, tips on forming a green team, areas to focus on, implementing ideas, tracking success, and more! The 14-page guide is easy to follow and can set up for launching your own green team. Check it out!(download)

GreenSpot Advisory Board

The GreenSpot Advisory Board (GSAB) had much success in 2022. They promoted Earth Day events, assisted with the GreenSpotLight Awards Celebration, planned 5 GreenSpot Conversations, 5 GreenSpot tours, assisted with the Urban Heat Island mapping project, reached out to minority youth, promoted the Lawn Mower Exchange, held a GreenSpot Sustainable Business Class reunion, and promoted several social media campaigns.

We are proud of our board members! There are citizens as well as organizations such as Grange Insurance Audubon Center, The Ohio Nature Conservancy, Smart Columbus, OBLSK, MORPC, Green Columbus, Franklin County Public Health,  Franklin Park Conservatory, HikmaCOSI, Councilmember Remy's office, Columbia Gas of Ohio, The Ohio State University, Huntington Bank, Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, Sage Sustainable Electronics, Bronzeville Growers Market, OhioHealth, Motherful, Simply Living, Keep Columbus Beautiful, Ohio Hispanic Coalition, and several city departments


Moving forward in 2023 the GSAB is looking at developing a community of climate leaders along with the Columbus Climate Action Plan, assist in efforts to reduce recyclables that go to the landfill, assist with increasing the tree canopy and reducing the heat island effect, increasing neighborhood participation in GreenSpot Neighborhood, highlight ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and B Corp designations, develop a "What is GreenSpot" video, student outreach, and increasing the benefits of membership.

2022a GreenSpot success

New Homeowner Green Guide

New Homeowner Green Guide cover

Whether buying your first house or tenth, GreenSpot's New Homeowner Green Guide is meant to help you make your home a little more sustainable. Check out ways to conserve and protect water, conserve energy, reduce waste, and green your transportation. Whether you are new to going green or an old pro, this guide has something for everyone! By adopting sustainable practices you are saving money, improving our environment, and setting an example for your neighbors. Remember, it only takes one to inspire many. Download the guide here.

    Plastic-free in the bathroom?

    no plastic image, small size

    Reducing the amount of plastic in your life is good for the planet and our community. Below are some items which you can switch to plastic free!

    • Soap. Is that bar of soap wrapped in plastic? If so, consider purchasing soap that is sold in a paper wrapper or cardboard. Additionally, ditch the plastic soap dispenser and put out a bar of hand soap. 
    • Shampoo. There are shampoo bars you can use that will displace that plastic shampoo bottle. 
    • Mouthwash. Check with your dentist, but a simple solution of xylitol, water, and a couple drops of essential oil can do that trick. No more plastic mouthwash bottles to deal with!
    • Dental floss. Skip the plastic and go for the compostable silk floss.  
    • Toothbrush. You can purchase a toothbrush with a bamboo handle or one that has replaceable heads. 
    • Shaving. Try a shaving bar instead of shaving cream that comes in a plastic tube or bottle and skip the plastic razors and try a safety razor instead. 
    • Toilet paper. Some toilet paper comes wrapped in plastic. Ditch it and go with TP that is wrapped in paper. 
    • Deodorant. This is probably the most difficult. There are alternatives that come in tins or you can make your own (search the internet). 

    Water, Energy, Recycling = Going Green

    Water, Energy, Recycle

    Installing a WaterSense labeled showerhead can save the individual 912 gallons of water a year.

    Columbus residents love recycling, that is why the RecyColumbus program has more than 75% participation rate.  To learn more about the program visit RecyColumbus.

    Changing out your light bulbs to LEDs can save money.  An LED bulb can have a useful life of 25,000 hours (25 times longer than traditional bulbs). Annual operating cost for an LED is 90% less than that of a traditional bulb and more than 50% less than a CFL.