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Green Tips for Kids

tip-bulbDid you know that turning off a light when you leave a room saves energy? If you want to save even more energy, tell your parents that using a compact fluorescent bulb uses about 75% less energy than a regular lightbulb and lasts longer too.
  tip-bike Did you know that walking, riding a bike, taking a bus, and carpooling helps reduce air pollution from cars? It also saves energy used for fuel.
  tip-canDid you know that recycling a single aluminum can saves the same amount of energy needed to power a TV for four hours?
  tip-gardenerDid you know that rain barrels save energy? The rain they collect is used to water plants, which conserves the local water supply and the energy used to make clean drinking water.
  tip-spotDid you know that playing outside is a fun way to explore the outdoors and get fresh air? Plus, powering down your TV and video games saves energy.
  tip-plantingDid you know that you can be green just by eating locally grown fruits and vegetables? There are plenty of farmers’ markets around town where locally grown foods can be bought, or you can plant a garden and grow your own!