General Information

Browser Check – Upon accessing the application, a system check will be performed validating the user's Internet browser for compatibility with the City of Columbus Income Tax Division E-file/E-pay system. If the user's browser does not meet the minimum requirements, they will be required to update their current browser. The application supports Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 as well as Netscape 6.1, 6.2, and 7.0. The user can choose to upgrade their system at that time, links are provided.

Columbus Tax Home Page – This link will open up a new browser window and direct the user to the City of Columbus Income Tax Division home page.

Cookie Check - A user's browser must be set to allow cookies in order to use the Columbus E-file/E-pay system. This is done by changing the browser security settings to allow "per-session cookies." See the browser's help for more information on cookies. Once cookies have been enabled, the user will be able to return to the Welcome page and proceed.

Error messages – Any error message displayed on the tax forms must be resolved before the system will allow the user to proceed.

FAQ Link – The Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to common questions.

Help Link – The help link provides a general understanding and requirements for successfully completing each tax form.

Privacy Policy - This link will open up a new browser window and direct the user to the City of Columbus Privacy Policy section.

Resolution Check – The system will verify the user's screen resolution is set to a minimum of 800 x 600. The Columbus E-File/E-Pay system is best viewed with a resolution setting of at least 800 x 600. If the system is not set to the minimum resolution, the user will be required to scroll down pages to view the entire screen.

Technical Difficulties – A technical difficulties message will appear when the system is not available to process requests.

Time Out – If a session is idle for more than 30 minutes, the system will abandon the session. The user will be required to log back in and all data will be lost.