Main Menu

Main Menu – The main menu will display only the eligible tax forms based on the City Tax ID identifier.

W = Withholding Account will allow only the IT11, IT15
C = Corporate will allow only the BR21, BR18, BR42
E = Entity will allow only the BR21, BR18, BR42
I = Individual will allow only the IR21, IR18, IR42
F = Fiduciary will allow only the BR21, BR18, BR42

By selecting the image, the user can DEMO the system without committing a return to the system.

Make a Payment – A payment can be made towards an already filed report. The confirmation number of the previously filed report must be entered and validated in order to proceed to the payment process.

Third Party Option – Only practitioners will be provided the Third Party filing options.

TPOF – Third Party Online Filing enables a practitioner to file a report for a taxpayer using the online filing system.

TPBF – Third Party Bulk Filing (DWI) enables practitioners to file multiple tax forms using downloadable files.

Affirmation Check Box – The affirmation check box must be selected in order to proceed with the Third Party filing.

User Options - View Return History / Change PIN / Change Address. These links on the main menu will allow the users to view their return history, Change their PIN as well as Change their Address.

Exit Button

The Exit Button will direct the user to the Login page.


The Continue Button will direct the user to the process selected.