Office of Epidemiology

Columbus Public Health
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8:30 am – 5:00 pm
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Kathy Cowen, M.S., Director
(614) 645-6252
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Maternal and Child Health Reports

Infant Mortality Reports

Monthly and quarterly reports that track infant deaths, preterm births, low birth weight births and sleep-related infant deaths.

Child Fatality Review

A Fatality Review is a community planning process in which a team of experts from various community systems and agencies convene to review the circumstances around potentially preventable deaths (e.g. all children). Columbus Public Health's Child Fatality Review Program convenes and supports the state-required Franklin County Child Fatality Review (FCCFR) Board. For FCCFR Publications and Data Snapshots, please click here.

Infectious Diseases

Please see Reportable DiseasesInfectious Diseases among Children. This report contains data on infectious diseases reported among children in Franklin County, Ohio, with primary focus on enteric and vaccine-preventable diseases. The related fact sheets describe how parents and childcare providers can help protect children against vaccine-preventable diseases.