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FAQ's about Nitrate in Columbus' Drinking Water

  • What causes elevated nitrate in the Columbus drinking water?
  • How is the public notified of a nitrate alert?
  • What does “parts per million” mean?
  • Who should be concerned?
  • What are the possible health effects of nitrate?
  • Is it safe to bathe in water with elevated levels of nitrate? 
  • Can baby bottles be washed with tap water during a nitrate alert?
  • Is elevated nitrate a concern for pets?
  • How often are nitrate advisories issued in Columbus?
  • How long do the advisories usually last?
  • What is the City of Columbus doing to prevent nitrate levels from rising?
  • How can I find out if I am in the affected service area?
  • I use a carbon filter. Will this help?
  • What about home filter systems?
  • What if I need more information?