Officer Khaled Bahgat Officer Khaled Bahgat was born in Cairo, Egypt, March 1965.  After completing 6th grade, I moved to Kuwait with my family for the following four years.  In 1980, my family made the bold move to migrate to the United States.  I attended Centennial High School (Home of the Stars) before going to college.  Like many, I changed my major as I went along.  I originally started out in Hospitality Management, but then changed my major as I graduated with a B.S. in Human Resources Management.  While pursuing my career and with no intention of becoming a Police Officer; the late Officer Walter Geigle recruited me.  Two years later I was a recruit in the Police Academy June 1997.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  So even though I was on a successful career path, this profession taught me so much more about life, society and most of all myself.  As I was approached in regards to this new position, New American Inclusion Liaison Officer, I felt that I would be able to contribute to this task given the combination of my experience as once a New American along with being a Police Officer.  I’m hoping that I can explain, prep and answer to the New American Community any questions or concerns on how we “police”.  At the same token I would be able to explain the cultural difference to our officers.  Knowing and understanding the cultural difference we encounter on a daily basis, would allow our current police officers the ability to do even a better job policing than they already do.

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