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Can't I leave dog poop on the grass as a fertilizer?
No, Columbus law requires pet owners to PUP at all times. Pet waste can turn grass yellow or kill it.  Besides, the chances of the waste decomposing and being absorbed by your lawn or other plants before the rain water washes it into the nearest stream or reservoir are slim. 

Is bagging dog waste any better for the environment?
While bagged poop still goes into the landfill, it eliminates the direct contribution of bacteria to local waterways. 

Is dog poop really that dangerous?
Yes! Pet wastes can transmit bacteria and viruses including tapeworm, roundworm, E. coli, Parvo, and more. Humans who come into contact with dog waste could become ill. Animal waste can also attract rodents and the parasites they harbor. Pick up animal waste to keep your family healthy. 

How do you know the water quality issues are caused by pets and not something else?
- In 1993, the US EPA reported that 95% of fecal coliform found in urban stormwater was of non-human origin (Alderiso et al., 1996 and Trial et al., 1993). 
- In addition, studies in Seattle, Washington, found that nearly 20% of the bacteria isolates researchers could match with a host animal were matched with dogs. 
- Wildlife, like deer and coyotes, don't need picked up after because they are spread out over the land and not concentrated in certain areas like our pets.

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