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-In-ground pet waste composters - Type this into your browser and you will find many choices.

-Create your own pet waste composter - This is another possibility. Type into your browser, there are even YouTube videos on the subject.

- You could also flush pet waste down the toilet, but if your home is on a septic system, think twice. Talk with the manufacturer and make sure your septic can handle the extra load.

- Another option is to install an underground pet waste digester that works much the same as a septic system. These affordable, easy-to-install tools enable you to dispose of the pet waste without ever having to bring it inside your home.

- Lastly, you could choose to bury your pet's droppings. Bury the waste in several different locations around your yard (never near vegetable gardens) in holes 12 inches deep. Be sure to cover the waste with at least 8 inches of soil.

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