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LGBTQ Pride Providers

Pride Provider Program

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A provider that qualifies to be a 'Pride Provider' will be recognized by the Greater Columbus LGBTQ Health Coalition as a key healthcare provider to the LGBTQ community and will have their services promoted to this community via the coalition. Pride providers will receive an official decal as a recognition of their services, be published in an online listing of Pride Providers, and recognized at our annual Health Equity Conference. Each individual professional may take the certification and be recognized as a provider. Certification involves completing a 10-15 minute survey on your practices regarding LGBTQ patients. Take a look below to see our criteria. You must answer 'YES' to all questions in order to receive the Pride Provider designation.


Do you promote your services to the LGBTQ community?

Connecting with LGBTQ populations is an essential first step to resolving health disparities. Advertising, web presence, or word of mouth are all great ways to let the community know you're an ally. Not sure how? The  Lavender Listings is a great place to start!

Do you provide materials designed to educate or support LGBTQ clients and their families?

LGBT-specific brochures, photographs, advertisements, or other print materials that are fully visible or readily available creates an inclusive environment in your office. Need materials? Email us!

Do you allow your client population an opportunity to self-identify sexual orientation and gender identity?

Correctly identifying patients on identification forms, in note fields, and in person means that you avoid confusion and foster acceptance in your client population.

Have you provided or received any LGBTQ-specific competency training?

LGBTQ populations face specific health needs. The Columbus LGBTQ Health Initiative provides free cultural competency training to interested organizations. Email us to find out more! 

Does your paperwork include sexual orientation and gender identity inclusive language?

The use of the words "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in patient non-discrimination policies, visitation policies, or related materials ensures that your LGBTQ clients are fully protected.

Do you meet all the criteria? Click here to become a certified Pride Provider.