Columbus Police Human Resources Civilian Technical Positions

Crime Analyst / Criminal Intelligence Analyst - Crime analysts help law enforcement agencies translate their vast amounts of data into actionable information about crime patterns and trends, thereby helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of officer activity. With increased emphasis in intelligence-led policing, many agencies employ specially trained analysts to collate and interpret intelligence gathered by officers in the field. For military veterans, this can be a great way to translate prior intelligence experience into a civilian job.

Forensic Scientists - These scientists offer professional scientific analyses to examine, identify, and evaluate physical evidence using a variety of laboratory techniques and equipment for analysis of DNA, drugs, firearms, computers, handwriting, etc.

Fingerprint Technician Trainee, Fingerprint Technician, Fingerprint Technician Supervisor, Latent Print Examiner Trainee, Latent Print Examiner, Latent Print Examiner Supervisor - Identify persons for law enforcement purposes by obtaining and comparing fingerprints, photographs, and computer information.

Police Evidence Technician - Locates, collects, photographs, preserves, and processes fingerprints, palm prints, and other physical evidence from the crime scenes in compliance with Division of Police standards. - learn more

Photography Technician / Photography Laboratory Manager - Responsible for operating cameras, video, computer imaging, and/or photographic laboratory equipment for the Division.

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