Connecting to City Power

Streetlight-Harrison-West.jpg When you are served by Division of Power, you get:

  • Simple bills with no hidden fees
  • Outages restored in hours, not days
  • Responsive social media resources
  • A 24/7 dispatch center
  • Proceeds that go to fund streetlights

General steps to connect to city power

  1. View an interactive-searchable map of our service area to determine if you can be served by DOP
  2. Fill out the Electrical Service Application 
  3. Someone from the DOP will give you a call within 1-3 business days

The Process for Assessing a Project

  1. Fill out the Electrical Service Application for new service:
    An application must be filled out if a new meter needs to be installed on the property. The application asks specific questions about the property owner and the energy needs.
  2. Meet with the field engineer to discuss project:
    The property must be inspected before a property can gain city power. The property owner must provide proof of ownership during the field meeting. The engineer will go over many different aspects during the meeting if the customer needs to do anything specific.
  3. Engineering the project:
    Cost estimates and construction drawings of the project are prepared based on the information gathered by our customer development engineer which includes site conditions, service routes etc.
  4. Consumer responsibilities:
    A proposal letter will be drafted and sent to the customer stating their required work and costs for the project. Any costs in aid of construction must be paid before the work is scheduled.
  5. Building the line and meter setting:
    To serve your property, crews may need to build the new line, add a transformer, set the electric meter and energize the service.

If you have questions regarding the city power application process, please call 614-645-2494, or the main customer service number at 614-645-8276.

The Types of Electric Service Offered

  • Overhead 120/240 V, single-phase, 3-wire service (400 A maximum)
  • Overhead 120/208 V three-phase, 4-wire service (800 A maximum)
  • Overhead 277/480 V three-phase, 4-wire service (400 A maximum)
  • Underground 120/240 V, single-phase, 3-wire service (400 A maximum)
  • Underground 120/208 V, three-phase, 4-wire service (customer must provide space for transformation)
  • Underground 277/480 V, three-phase, 4-wire service (customer must provide space for transformation)
  • Overhead or underground 14.4-kV primary service

*Please note: Only one alternating current service will be installed to a building. Two or more services may be installed at the sole option of the Division of Power to provide suitable capacity, to supply special loads, or to meet unusual conditions. Approval by the City of Columbus Department of Building and Zoning or other authority having jurisdiction will also be required. In no case shall a customer install service equipment for more than one service without explicit written approval from the Division of Power.