Land Application

Land application is designed to recycle biosolids from the wastewater treatment plants by providing it to farmers.

Agricultural-grade liquid biosolids are used to fertilize cropland for corn, soybeans, turf grass and wheat.

The program is run under USEPA and Ohio EPA regulations. Each farm field is permitted through the Ohio EPA.

Farm owners and operators may request the application of biosolids to their land through the Compost Facility by calling 614-645-0072. We will determine eligibility and handle the approval process with the EPA.

Note: eligible properties should generally be within a 30 mile radius of the wastewater treatment plant.

Soil samples are taken to determine the quantity of nutrients necessary to grow the proposed crop. Levels of metals and pollutants in the soil are also tested. If the land and site are deemed acceptable, the Ohio EPA will usually authorize the land to receive the liquid biosolids.

At 6-10% solids, this liquid form of biosolids is hauled from the wastewater treatment plants to farmers' fields in tank trucks. There it is pumped into a "floater" and injected 6-8" underground. Since the biosolids are injected under the soil, there is no run off and no odor.

For more information about land applications, please call 614-645-0072 or e-mail your question.