Locating a Water Meter & Emergency Service Valve

Water meter located above city supply line Illustration of a water meter on the owner's service line where it enters the house.

Locate and mark your main control valve and show everyone in the house how to turn off water in an emergency. The main valve is located next to the water meter, which is typically in a basement, utility closet, or wherever the furnace and hot water heater are located.

Check to see that you have the correct valve by turning it off briefly and verifying water is off throughout the home. If the valve does not work, contact a plumber to repair or replace it. Maintenance of the main control valve is the property owner's responsibility. If you need us to turn off the water for your plumber, call us at 614-645-8276, Monday - Friday, 7am. - 6pm. For an after-hours emergency situation, call 614-645-7788.

Hairdryer-SlowlyThawPipes.jpg What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze Or Break

If Your Pipes Freeze:

Thaw the pipe safely. If you know where the pipes are frozen, you can attempt to thaw them with a hair dryer. Using a low heat setting, wave the warm air back and forth along the pipe. It’s a slow but safe process.

Do NOT use an open flame to thaw frozen pipes. You could start a fire. Also, overheating a single spot can cause the pipe to burst.

Be prepared to turn off the main control valve (below right illustration). The pipe you are thawing may already be broken, cracked or split. Water could come gushing out as the pipe thaws.

If You Can't Thaw Your Pipes:

If none of your faucets or fixtures are working and you can’t determine where the pipes are frozen, your service line may be frozen - you may need to seek assistance from a plumber.

ShutOffValve.jpg If Your Pipes Break:

Shut off the water and the water heater. If you can’t find the main control valve (illustration), or the valve doesn't work and water is leaking in the house, call the Division of Water at 614-645-8272 (weekdays, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.); after hours and weekends call 614-645-7788.