Meter Outdoor Water Use, Reduce Sewer Charges


Sewer charges are based on water usage and assume all water is discharged to the city's sewer system. Those using large amounts of water not entering the sewer system (outdoor watering, irrigation systems) could save by installing an auxiliary meter system.

The system must be purchased, installed and maintained privately. Only specific meters will be approved for usage & must be inspected by the city to set up the account. A $2 service charge is added for auxiliary meters.

For questions or information on the equipment, proper installation or to schedule an inspection call: 614-645-8276 weekdays, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m

Learn More About Auxiliary Metering Systems(PDF, 545KB) (brochure)

Do you already have an auxiliary metering system? Be sure to check the meter and remote register readings periodically - below is a guide: