How to Recycle

Information about accepted items, collection schedule, and cart placement.

Accepted Items

Here's what goes in the blue cart:

  • Paper and cardboard (please flatten)
  • Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs, and cups (lids accepted, remove straws)
  • Glass bottles and jars (all colors accepted)
  • Metal cans and cups (remove aerosol tips)
  • Cartons (rinse and remove lids)

Here's what doesn't:

  • Plastic bags, wrap, or film
  • Batteries, propane takes, or other flammables
  • Tanglers (hoses, wires, chains, clothing, or electronics)
  • Plastic or foam (plates, food containers)


  • No sorting required. Put all recyclables in the blue cart.
  • Lids, caps and labels can be kept on recyclable containers.
  • Do not place dirty recyclables, like un-rinsed jars, in the cart.

Collection Schedule

To check your collection date, call (614) 645-3111, or, look up your collection date on the 311 page.

Cart Placement

Recycling is collected in the same location your trash is collected. Containers must be placed within 1 foot of the curb or alley, with the arrow facing outward for collection, and at least 3 feet from trash or recycling carts, or any other obstructions; for alley collection place container at the alley behind your own property; Recycling must be placed out for collection by 6:00 am on your collection day. After collection, containers must be removed and stored within 24 hours. If your collection is missed or to report a damaged or stolen cart, contact the 311 Service Center.