Opening Your Day Care Step Four: Obtaining Your Day Care Center License

To obtain your Day Care Center license, it is first strongly recommended that you attend the “How to Start” training session available at Action for Children, located at 78 Jefferson Ave., Columbus, OH 43215. AFC can be reached at (614) 224-0222.

Second, the center owner and any care center administrators must attend the ODJFS Child Care Licensing Plan of Operation Orientation, which is offered monthly at the ODJFS Columbus field office located at 4200 E. 5th Ave., 43218. Registration for the Licensing Plan of Operation Orientation can be done at (registration required). There you can locate a seminar in or near Columbus to begin the training process.

Additionally, all staff at your day care center are required to have a complete file that includes verification of graduation from high school, a signed medical statement, a signed Non-conviction Statement, a signed Employee Policy Statement, and verification that criminal background records checks have been requested. The background checks and procedures will be discussed in the next step.

At the end of your Plan of Operation Orientation, you will receive your training verification number. At that time you will be presented with the opportunity to complete the initial application for a CCC license. A $500 application fee will be due at the time your application is filed with ODJFS.

Please allow a minimum of 150 days to receive your provisional license. This may vary depending upon approvals from other agencies, delivery of equipment to your location, staffing and administrative requirements, and how soon you and your colleagues complete the required training sessions. Please note, you will need written approval from the Columbus Public Health, discussed shortly in Step Six, before your provisional license can be issued.

Your provisional license is valid for 12 months. During this time the program needs to demonstrate that it is able to operate in compliance with Ohio’s child care licensing rules and laws. If the program is found to be in compliance during inspections in the provisional period, then a recommendation for a full licensure will be made. The full license will be valid as long as the program maintains compliance with all child care licensing regulations.

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