Opening Your Day Care Step One: The Basics of a Child Care Center & Type A Day Care

Child Care Centers (CCC) and Type A day care centers permit seven or more children of any age. All CCC and Type A day care centers must be licensed through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS).

Please note: The City of Columbus does not follow the Ohio Revised Code’s (ORC) definition of Type A homes. Where the ORC permits Type A operations in a private residence, Columbus does not do so without a variance from City Council.

For your convenience, the State of Ohio has put together an excellent two-page resource available for you that details qualifications, information regarding health and safety standards, and rights to information that your client parents are entitled to. You can find that document here.

Additionally, your day care center will be inspected at least twice a year, with one of those inspections occurring unannounced. Information regarding licensing compliance can be found here or by contacting the ODJFS at (866) 886-3537, opt.4. The child care rules can be found here.  You are responsible for printing and maintaining your own copy of the rules. To stay up-to-date on helpful programs, rule updates, or other resources, you are encouraged to subscribe to ODJFS Email Updates.

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