Opening Your Day Care Step Six: Acquiring Zoning, Building, Fire Division, and Columbus Public Health Approval

While you are completing the orientation training, it is strongly encouraged that you work on securing the approval for your facility from the City of Columbus’s Departments of Building and Zoning Services, Fire Division, and Columbus Public Health.

Your first step in the Zoning and Building process begins with checking the Department of Building and Zoning Service's One Stop Shop Zoning Map to make sure the address is zoned properly. Both CCC and Type A day care centers can be placed in Commercial zoning districts 1 through 4, Manufacturing, and Industrial zoning classifications. Additionally, a Type A home is eligible for property zoned residential if that property is a school or religious institution, and the day care is an accessory use. For your convenience, if the address you entered is Red, that is Commercial, Blue for Manufacturing. This information is located by clicking "Legend" at the top right of the One Stop Shop Zoning Map for more information. To begin this process please complete and submit a Building Permit Application to BZS.

Additionally, we highly encourage you to take advantage of Columbus’s nationally recognized One Stop Shop's Preliminary Site Plan Meeting for an opportunity to have a direct–and free–consultation with officials from multiple city agencies. In fact, these will be the same officials who will ultimately review your plan! During this review session you will be given in-depth advice and guidance on your site plan and recommendations, if necessary, to bring your property into compliance for your child care operation. Please go to the Engineering Site Plan Review page, select “learn more,” and complete the instructions listed on that page. This process will assist you in receiving your Certificate of Occupancy faster, and in many cases, help you avoid unwanted expenses through the knowledge obtained from your Preliminary Review.

Second, after you have received your Certificate of Occupancy from Building and Zoning Services, you will be required to obtain a permit from the Fire Division. Your first step to obtain your fire permit will be to file a request for inspection. That application is available here

Last, you must request an inspection from Columbus Public Health by going to their website. From there you can begin the process of receiving your license. A Plan Review Application will be required. Columbus Public Health will assist you with the layout of the facility and the equipment you will need.

An Important Note – If you submit your Building Permit Plan along with your Final Site Compliance plan at the same time, the Final Site Compliance plan fee will be waived–a savings of $475!

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