Opening Your Day Care Step Two: Staffing and Qualifications for Your Day Care Center

By now you have given serious thought to the quality of your staff, but what about the quantity? For your convenience here is a table outlining the minimum staffing standards for CCCs:

  Maximum Number of Children per Child Care Professional
  Infants (under 12  months)  5
  Infants (12-under 18 months) 6
  Toddlers (18-under 30 months)  7
  Toddlers (30 months-under 3 years)  8
  Preschoolers (3 years)  12
  Preschoolers (4-5 years)  14
  Schoolagers (under 11 years) 18
  Schoolagers (11-15 years) 20

Your Child Care Center or Type A staff members must be at least 18 years old and have a high school education plus 15 hours of in-service training annually, a Child Development Associate Credential, or an Associates degree or higher in child development or early childhood education.

At all hours of operation, there must be at least one staff person onsite who has completed training in First Aid, Management of Communicable Disease, CPR, and Child Abuse Prevention. This coverage can be provided by one person or several different staff who have completed one or more required training courses.

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