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Program Information

Columbus Public Health is responsible for the long-term continuing health protection for residents in the cities of Columbus and Worthington. The Office of Emergency Preparedness serves Columbus Public Health by strengthening its workforce and the community's ability to successfully prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from health emergencies.

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  • Ready in 3 : Educates residents on prevention, protection and recovery from public health threats and hazards  Ready In Three  
  • Provide information and warning to individuals, agencies and businesses regarding emergency situations  
  • Engage core partners through public information campaigns

Planning and Training

  • Create response plans outlining specific response and recovery procedures and responsibilities
  • Coordinate planning efforts with local partners from law enforcement, fire, hospitals, American Red Cross, Franklin County Public Health and others
  • Train staff on how to prepare and respond to public health emergencies
  • Click here to review Columbus Public Health's (CPH) Emergency Response Plan Executive Summary . For comments or question please email Jessica Frank at [email protected]


  • Assure a rapid response to the health needs of our residents by ensuring a trained and competent workforce
  • Ensure community protection through vaccination and antibiotic administration in response to a public health emergency
  • Maintain and enhance communication and information management systems

Preparedness Partners Webinar Series

The webinar series focuses its efforts on trending topics within public health emergency preparedness.  What makes Preparedness Partners unique is its desire to host engaging professionals to share their real-life stories and lessons learned from a recent public health disaster. 

Each webinar is recorded and is shareable afterward.  Preparedness Partners has engaged professionals from a wide range of disciplines and a diverse geographic footprint.

Preparedness Partners Webinar Series 
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