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FAQ's about Lead in Drinking Water

U.S. water operators are required to comply with all federal Safe Drinking Water Act rules and state regulations, including the Lead and Copper Rule. The City of Columbus is in compliance with all state and federal drinking water regulations. The Division of Water's highly qualified professionals take their jobs of protecting public health by providing safe drinking water very seriously. When compliance issues arise, the city promptly notifies the media and customers. THERE IS NO LEAD IN THE TREATED WATER THAT LEAVES THE THREE COLUMBUS WATER PLANTS, NOR IN THE SOURCE WATER THESE PLANTS USE. NONE OF THE WATER MAINS IN THE COLUMBUS SYSTEM ARE MADE OF LEAD; they are made of cast iron, ductile iron or concrete, and a few are plastic. However, because some water service lines, home plumbing, fixtures and solder may contain lead materials or parts, precautions are taken to prevent lead from leaching into the water customers rely on at the tap. Below are frequently asked questions and answers on lead in water.
  • What does the City of Columbus do to prevent lead from getting into tap water?
  • Where can I review the results of Columbus' required lead in water testing?
  • I live in an older home with older plumbing.  How can I know if there may be lead at my tap?
  • For questions on Columbus' water quality: