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Spring/Summer Program Guide

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The above Spring/Summer 2020 Program Guide was created prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Visit for cancelations and schedule updates.

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City Leaders Civil Rights Tour Images During spring break week, (2016) six of our participants in our City Leaders Academy attended the Civil Rights Heritage Bus Tour hosted by the City of Columbus Community Relations Commission. They all received full scholarships for the trip in addition to a stipend for the week. This was all made possible by sponsors. They traveled by coach bus over 1500 miles through 6 states all in 5 days.

Touring the 16th Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama City Leaders 2016 Civil Rights Tour Image 1

Touring the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee City Leaders 2016 Civil Rights Tour Image 2

Touring the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Alabama City Leaders 2016 Civil Rights Tour Image 3