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Success Stories: Kathleen Dussault

Department of Public Service
ADA Design Manager 

Kathleen Dussault

Kathleen serves as a wellness ambassador with the wellness program. As an ambassador, Kathleen encourages fellow employees to take advantage of the program’s many opportunities, including fitness programs, sports leagues and health fairs. She has improved her health and potentially added years to her life with the help of the city’s Healthy Columbus Employee Wellness program.  Kathleen has faced challenges managing her health and weight since she was a child. For years, she tried countless support programs and diets, but none offered long-term success.

When Kathleen joined the department in 2007, she signed up for an employee yoga class. Not long after that she started integrating some of the healthy eating ideas provided by the city to reframe her eating habits. She continues her lunchtime yoga classes, two classes a week, one that focuses on building strength, and another one that promotes relaxation and peace. The classes are offered near her workplace at 77 N. Front Street and at the Division of Police headquarters. 

Today, for the first time in many years, Kathleen is more than 100 pounds below her top weight. Her health numbers, including her cholesterol level and blood pressure are in a stable and healthy range.

The credit for her health transformation lies with Kathleen, but tools and inspiration from the city’s employee wellness program encouraged and empowered her on her journey. Kathleen reports that her healthier lifestyle and stress management skills have improved her productivity on the job.