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Stormwater Variance Requests

Three types of variances from the Stormwater Drainage Manual are possible: Downtown, Non-Stream, and Stream Protection. This guidance document explains the application process.

Interested Party List for Variance Requests: If you would like to receive notice of any variance requests the City receives, please send notice of your interest to Greg Fedner at: or 111 N. Front Street, Columbus OH 43215.

Comments: If you would like to comment on a variance request, please submit your comment(s) to Greg Fedner at or at 111 N. Front Street, Columbus OH 43215. Comments can be made up to fourteen (14) days after a request is posted. If you need additional time to comment, beyond the time allotted, please submit that request with an explanation of why more time is necessary.  


Municipal Light Plant Type I SWDM Variance
Type I Variance Request
- Dated 12/6/18 (Includes 14 pages)

Sancus Boulevard Apartments SWDM Variance

Type III Variance Request Posted 11/6/2018 (Includes 30 Pages)
Cover Letter
Type III Variance
Table 1: Cost and Cash Flow Analysis (Estimate)
Table 2: Recommended species for riparian enhancement
Figure 1: Site Location Map
Figure 2: Site Aerial Map
Figure 3: Wetland Delineation Summary Map
Figure 4: Stream and Stream Sample Reach Location Map
Figure 5: SCPZ Impact Area provided by CT Consultants
Figure 6: Proposed Mitigation Planning and Management Map
Figure 7: Tree Renewal Summary within SCPZ
Attachment A: Nationwide Permit 39
Attachment B: Alternative Site Plans (Preferred, Minimal, No Disturbance)
Attachment C: Mitigation Agreement

Greensward Road SWDM Variance
Type III Variance Request Posted 10/12/2018 (Includes 37 Pages)
Cover Letter
Type III Variance (Stream Protection)
Table 1: Comparison of Project Alternatives
Table 2: Comparison of Proposed Impacts and Mitigation
Figure 1: SCPZ Impact Location Map
Sheet 1  Greensward Road-Preferred Options
Sheet 2  Greensward Road-Minimal Impact Option
Sheet 2  Greensward Road-No Impact Option
Sheet 4  Greensward Road-Mitigation Plan
Appendix A: QHEI and HHEI Dataforms

Comments Received from Public (Dated 10/26/18)
Response from EMH&T to 10/26/18 Comments (Response Dated 11/6/18)
Response from EMH&T to Comments Received during 12/4/18 Meeting (Response Dated 12/12/18)

OARS Site Restoration SWDM Variance
Type II Variance Request Posted 6/18/2018 (Includes 177 Pages- May need to adjust view or scroll right or left to see entire document)
Site Development Alternatives
Figure 1: Project Location Map
Exhibit 1 Existing Site Conditions
Exhibit 2 2009 Fill Conditions
Exhibit 3 Post-2009 Floodplain Fill
Exhibit 4 Post-2009 Floodplain Fill Elevations
Exhibit 5 Proposed Site Conditions
Appendix A: September 15, 2017 Letter re: SWDM Type II Variance Request - J220 Biosolids Land Application Improvements
Appendix B: Stormwater Management Plan: OARS Phase 1 - Jackson Pike Site Final Restoration Plan
Appendix C: Stormwater Management Best Management Practice Engineering Plan Sheets

Hyatt Place SWDM Variance
Type III Variance Request Posted 6/6/2018 (Includes 36 Pages - May need to adjust view or scroll right or left to see entire document)
Cover Letter
Determination of the Stream Corridor Protection Zone
Type III Variance (Stream Protection)
Table 3.1 Summary of Alternatives
Appendix A Conditions and Alternatives
Appendix B Ecological Site Survey
Exhibit 1-Existing Conditions
Exhibit 2-No Impact Alternative
Exhibit 3-Minimal Impact Alternative
Exhibit 4-Preferred Alternative
Sierra Club Variance Comments Posted 8/8/2018
City of Columbus Request for Additional Information Posted 11/6/2018
Variance Guidance Letter Posted 11/6/2018
SCPZ Exhibits Posted 11/6/2018
Stream 100 Year Flood Elevation Posted 11/6/2018

SR 315 & North Broadway Interchange Improvements
Type III Variance Request Posted 5/03/2018 (Includes 18 Pages)
Appendix A: Project Location Map
Appendix B: Project Overview Map
Appendix C: Baseline Stream Information (Includes 13 Pages)
Appendix D: Meeting Minutes from December 5, 2016 Design Workshop (Includes 20 Pages)
Appendix E: Culvert Headwater Exhibits
Appendix F: Alternative Exhibits
Appendix G: Proposed Stream Mitigation Exhibits (Includes 16 Pages)
FLOW Stormwater Variance Comments Posted 5/16/2018
City of Columbus Response Posted 7/25/2018

OhioHealth East-West Road Improvements SWDM Variance
Type III Variance Request Posted 12/22/2017 (Includes 28 Pages)
Cover Letter
Project Requirements
Type III Variance (Stream Projection)
Table 1: Comparison of Alternatives for East/West Roadway Improvements 
Table 2: SCPZ Mitigation Alternatives for East/West Roadway Improvements
Figure 1: SCPZ Impact Location Map 
Figure 2: Optional Offsite SCPZ Mitigation Location Map
Sheet 1 East/West Road SCPZ Variance – Slyh Run Watershed and SCPZ
Sheet 2 East/West Road SCPZ Variance – Preferred Plan
Sheet 3 East/West Road SCPZ Variance – No Impact Plan
Sheet 4 East/West Road SCPZ Variance – Onsite Mitigation Plan
Sheet 5 East/West Road SCPZ Variance – Optional Offsite Mitigation Plan
Appendix A: Plan and Profile Sheets

Columbus Regional Airport Authority Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility (CRAA ConRAC)
Type III Variance Request Posted 12/12/2017 (Includes 36 Pages)
Cover Letter
Project Requirements
Type III Variance (Stream Projection)
Table 1: ConRAC Project Needs
Table 2: Comparison of Project Alternatives
Table 3: Stream Mitigation Credit Balance at Walnut Woods
Figure 1: Stream Impact Location Map
Figure 2: Part 77 Surfaces
Figure 3: Drake Road Site
Figure 4: Mitigation Location Map
Figure 5: Big Run Pre- and Post-Restoration Conditions
Sheet 1 CRAA ConRAC Mason Run Watershed and SCPZ
Sheet 2 CRAA ConRAC SCPZ Variance - Preferred Plan
Sheet 3 CRAA ConRAC SCPZ Variance- Minimal Impact Plan
Sheet 4 CRAA ConRAC SCPZ Variance - Mitigation Plan
Appendix A: HHEI and QHEI Forms
Appendix B: Restoration Plan at the Former Eastside Nursery Site (As-Built Plan) Posted 12/12/2017 (Includes 39 Pages)
Title Sheet, General Notes, Supplemental Specifications and Quantities, Index Sheet, Existing Conditions Site Plan, Stream Details, Stream Planting Plan, Wetland Plan Views, Wetland Cross Sections, Wetland Details, Wetland Planting Plan, Walnut Creek Bank Stabilization Plan, Reforestation Plan, Pedestrian Bridge Plan and Profiles, Pedestrian Bridge Abutment Details, Erosion Control Notes and Details, Erosion Control Overall Plan, Stream Staking Plan and Wetland Staking Plan
Appendix C: Walnut Woods and Wetland Monitoring Report-2016 Posted 12/12/2017 (Includes 356 Pages)
Stream and Wetland Mitigation Plan
Monitoring Methodology
Stream Monitoring Results
Stream Management Activities
Stream Performance Standard Review
Wetland Monitoring Results
Table 1:  Projects for Mitigation at Walnut Woods
Table 2:  Type and Quantity of Credit Banked at Walnut Woods
Table 3:  Stream and Wetland Monitoring Schedule
Table 4:  Dimension Measurements for the Surveyed Cross-Sections
Table 5:  Dimension Measurements for the Relocated Stream
Table 6:  Big Run QHEI Scores
Table 7:  Big Run IBI Scores
Table 8:  Stream Performance Review
Table 9:  Development of Wetland Area and Mitigation Credit Utilized
Table 10: Forested Wetland Plot Review
Table 11: Forested VIBI-E Plot Summary
Table 12: Forested VIBI Plot Review
Table 13: Non-Forested Wetland Plot Review
Table 14: Non Forested VIBI-E Plot Summary
Table 15: Non-Forested VIBI Plot Review
Appendix A: Permits Utilizing Mitigation Credit at Walnut Woods
Appendix B: Environmental Covenant
Appendix C: Stream Data Forms
Appendix D: Big Run QHEI Forms
Appendix E: Big Run IBI Data Forms
Appendix F: Summary of Recent Management Activities
Appendix G: Wetland Data Forms
Appendix H: Forested VIBI Data Forms
Appendix I: Non-Forested VIBI Data Forms
Exhibit !: Area Location Map
Exhibit 2: Mitigation Overview Map
Exhibit 3: As-Built Plan, Longitudinal Profile and Geomorphic Summary
Exhibit 4: Stream Planting Plan
Exhibit 5: Wetland Planting Plan
Exhibit 6: Invasive Plant Distribution
Fixed Station Photographs

Jackson Pike Wastewater Plant Biosolids Land Application Improvements
J220 Biosolids Land Application Improvements-Stormwater Drainage Manual Variance Request Posted 08/03/2017 (Includes 7 Pages)
Figure 1- J220 Site Modifications
Table 1- LOS Area Stormwater Drainage Criteria
Table 2- LOS Area Pre- and Post-Construction Flow Comparison
Table 3- Pre- and Post-Construction Runoff Volume Comparison
Table 4- Stormwater Quantity Control Facilities
Figure 2- Underground Storagae Tank Location
Table 5- Full Compliance Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
Table 6- Pre- and Post-Construction Flow Rates for LOS Area with Bioretention Facility
Table 7- Projected Flow Conditions to Whims Ditch from LOS Area
Table 8- Summary of Alternatives
City of Columbus Response posted 9/18/2017

Battelle South Development Project
Type II & III Variance Request
 Posted 7/13/2017 (Includes 23 Pages):
Cover Letter
Reason Variances are Requested
Site Development Alternatives
Demonstration of Adequate Mitigation
Summary & Exhibits
FLOW Stormwater Variance Comments Posted 7/27/2017
City of Columbus Response posted 6/7/2018

Gateway Lofts
Variance Request Cover Letter
 Posted 7/13/2017
Gateway Lofts - Type II Variance from Stormwater Drainage Manual Includes 29 pages: 
Type II Variance
Water Quality Impacts/Quality Impacts
Site Development Alternatives
Figure 1 - Site Area Map
Appendix A: Preferred Alternate Plan
Appendix B: Minimal Impact Alternate Plan
Appendix C: No Impact Alternate Plan
Appendix D: Easement for Storm Sewer Discharge
City of Columbus Response posted 12/13/2017

Marble Cliff Quarry Development Project
Marble Cliff Quarry Development Project Variance Request Posted 06/12/2017
Variance Request Letter
A. Site Layout, FEMA Mapping
B. Report of Jurisdictional Determination
C. Army Corps of Engineers Non-Jurisdictional Determination
D. Summary of Preliminary Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses

Marble Cliff Quarry Development Project Type II and III Variance Requests Posted 02/04/2019
Includes 349 Pages:
Project and Site Information
1. Reason Variances are Requested
2. Site Development Alternatives
-Type II, SWDM Section 1.4 Variance
-Type II, SWDM Section 3.2 Variance
-Type III, SWDM Section 1.3 Marble Cliff Quarry Development Variance
-Type III, SWDM Section 1.3 Columbus and Franklin County Metro Park Variance
3. Demonstration of Adequate Mitigation
4. Executive Summary
Appendix A1 - Columbus & Franklin County Metro parks Quarry Trails Metro Park Type III Variance Request (Burgess & Niple, Inc.)
Appendix A - Site Location Map
Appendix B - Site Overview Map
Appendix C - Parcel Deed Declaration
Appendix D - Stormwater Drainage Easement Declaration
Appendix E - Baseline Stream Information
Appendix F - OEPA Rule 13 Authorization
Appendix G - Flood Impact Study Report
Appendix H - Preferred Site Rendering
Appendix I  - Floodplain Fill Alternatives
Appendix J  - Marble Cliff Quarry Development SCPZ Encroachment Alternatives
Appendix K - Columbus & Franklin Co. Metro Park SCPZ Encroachment Alternatives
Appendix L -  Proposed Stream Mitigation Exhibits

OhioHealth Administrative Offices and North Parking Lot
View Comments from Friends of the Lower Olentangy (FLOW) Posted 7/13/2017
OhioHealth Admin Offices and North Parking Lot Variance Request Posted 06/21/2017
Includes 30 Pages:
Variance Request Letter
1. SCPZ Impact Location Map
2. Comparison of Alternatives for North Parking Lot

1. OhioHealth Headquarters Slyh Run Watershed and SCPZ
2. OhioHealth Headquarters SCPZ Variance – Preferred Plan
3. OhioHealth Headquarters SCPZ Variance – No Impact Plan
4. OhioHealth Parking Lot Turkey Run Watershed and SCPZ
5. OhioHealth Parking Lot SCPZ Variance – Preferred Plant
6. OhioHealth Parking Lot SCPZ Variance – No Impact Plant
7. OhioHealth SCPZ Variance – Mitigation Plan
8. OhioHealth SCPZ Variance – Mitigation Plan

A. OhioHealth Administrative Offices Overall Storm Sewer and Grading Plan
B. OhioHealth North Parking Lot Overall Grading Plan
City of Columbus Response posted 7/31/2017

Family Dollar-Courtright Road
Family Dollar-Courtright Road Variance Request  Posted 09/15/2016
Includes Variance Request Letter, Exhibits 1, 2 & 3 (proposed alternatives)
City of Columbus Response 10/20/16 includes Tree Protection and Mitigation
Design Contractor Response 10/28/16 includes site plans below:
Variance Site Plan
Site Plan - South Shift
Family Dollar Courtright SCPZ Variance Request  Posted 11/16/2016
Family Dollar Courtright Road Tree Mitigation Plan 01/11/2017 includes Tree Demolition Plan, Tree Planting Plan and Tree Planting Specifications 

UPS Trabue Road Expansion
UPS Trabue Road Expansion Variance Request  Posted 08/19/2016
Includes Variance Request Letter, Exisiting Site Overview Map, Minimum Impact Option, Proposed Work and Appendix B:Preconstruction Notification to the US Army Corps of Engineers Under Section 404 Nationwide Permit

Hoover Reservoir Oxbow Road Boat Ramp Improvements
Hoover Reservoir Oxbow Road Boat Ramp Improvements Variance Request Posted 05/9/16
Includes Variance Request Letter, Hoover Dam BMP Sites, Preferred Alternative Site Plan, Preferred Alternate Site Grading Plan and Revised Variance Request Letter 
Response Letter 09/09/16

Department of Public Service  
Variance Request Letter
 Posted 04/11/16 
Five Variances are included with proposed alternatives:  
1. 590105-100036 Ped Safety Imp - Olentangy River Road Shared Use Path (North), 3004-E 
2. 590105-100036 Ped Safety Imp - Olentangy River Road Shared Use Path (South), 3045-E 
3. 530161-100096 Roadway Improvements - Sinclair Road, 2913-E 
4. 550006-100000 CNG Station – Morse Road (Malin Street), 3120-E 
5. 530086-100029 Intersection Improvements – Main Street at McNaughton Road, 3304-E 

Pointe at Polaris
Variance Request Letter Posted 04/01/16 
Includes variance request letter and Exhibits A & B (proposed alternatives)
Revised Variance Request Letter Posted 05/24/16  
Includes revised variance request letter, Exhibit A & B (proposed alternatives)
Response 05/26/16
Response 06/16/16 Utilities' response to Pointe at Polaris request

Upper Albany West 10  
Variance Request Letter
 Posted 01/15/16 
Cover Letter
Upper Albany West 10 Drainage Area Map and Design Alternatives 

IKEA Variance Request
 Posted 09/24/15 
Includes IKEA Variance Request Letter, CBRE Variance Request Letter, Columbus-I-71 Off Ramp@Gemini Place- Trees Remain, I-71 Exit Ramp View and I-71 Southbound View   
Response 10/05/15 Utilities' response to IKEA request 
Columbus Tree Preservation and Mitigation  Plan  
Ikea Polaris Tree Preservation and Mitigation Report

Scioto-Darby Creek Road 
3850/60 Scioto-Darby Creek Road
  Posted 01/09/13 
Includes Variance request letter, Surface Water Delineation Report (26 pages), Mitigation Plan, and a Preferred Alternate Layout 
Response 03/20/13