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News Release
News Date: February 22, 2017

Safety Enhancements for Traffic Signal: E. Main Street at Alum Creek Drive

For more information, please call (614) 645-3111

City of Columbus crews will make safety enhancements to the traffic signal at the intersection of E. Main Street and Alum Creek Drive the week of February 27, weather permitting.

Crews will change the signal operation as seen from westbound E. Main Street at Alum Creek Drive.  Under the current configuration, vehicles can make a left turn when the signal is green (green circle) or when there is a green arrow. 

The signal operation will be changed to permit left turns only when the green arrow is lit. A red arrow will be displayed to remind drivers and cyclists in the turn lane that the turn is not allowed until the green arrow is displayed. See the diagram below or download a full size version at: http://bit.ly/main_alum_signal

The changes to this traffic signal will reduce the likelihood of a collision with left turning vehicles while maintaining the flow of traffic.


Alum Creek Drive Traffic Signal Full