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Refugee Road Sidewalk and Shared-Use Path

Description and benefits:


The project will create new and upgraded pedestrian facilities along Refugee Road between Winchester Pike and Hamilton Road, connecting with infrastructure improvements planned for Hamilton Road between Interstate 70 and Refugee Road scheduled to build in 2018. The finished projects will enable pedestrians and bicyclists to reach retail, churches, post office and other establishments without traveling in the street or berm. The project between Hamilton Road and Winchester Pike will:

  • Build sidewalks on the south side and a shared-use path on the north side of Refugee. The path will be wider than the sidewalk and is intended for pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists.
  • Construct Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps at intersections
  • Create new COTA bus stops

Estimated schedule:


Design: Finishes late spring 2018


Right-of-way acquisition: Early summer 2019


Construction: Starts early summer 2019, subject to funding approval by City Council and weather conditions


Estimated costs, shared by City of Columbus and Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission:


Design: $750,000


Right-of-way acquisition: $575,000


Construction: $4 million


Contact information:


City of Columbus design project manager: Kevin Thomas, P.E., tel. (614) 645-6470


Designer: OHM Advisors


Construction contractor: To be determined