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Proposed Changes to the Affordable Care Act

Last month, we brought together Columbus residents and local health professionals to hear their stories during an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Healthcare Forum. We wanted to listen and understand how repealing or structurally changing the ACA would impact their lives and organizations.

What we heard was that material changes to the ACA would hurt the health of residents, financially devastate families and erode progress made to our health systems.

What we saw during the standing room only event were people eager for answers, ready with pens, pads and smart phones for direction.

Below is a sampling of the positive impacts the ACA - especially Medicaid expansion - has had on our community, according to our expert panelists: 

  • In Franklin County alone, 70,427 residents have gained coverage and access to care through Medicaid expansion.  
  • Under Medicaid expansion, enrollees with an opioid addiction reported higher percentages of increased access to care, access to prescription drug medications, and access to mental health services than other Medicaid recipients. (Ohio Group VIII Assessment)
  • Alvis, Inc. shared how the restored citizen population they work with, of which a majority suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, have benefited from being able to enroll in Medicaid upon release from incarceration.
  • The OSU Wexner Medical Center expressed concern over the potential reduction in services if a repeal takes place. There is great uncertainty about how to fill the gap if Medicaid expansion ends and what types of decisions must be made to compensate for the loss of funding. 

This is a matter of life-and-death, and the proposed Republican replacement bill released earlier this week does nothing to calm our community's worst fears. 

In addition to increasing taxes, increasing premiums and decreasing care, it will also decimate the Medicaid safety net local governments use to combat the drug epidemic ravaging our neighborhoods. 

Even our own Governor John Kasich has broken with leadership in Washington and said that doing away with Medicaid expansion is “a very, very bad idea, because we can’t turn our back on the most vulnerable.”

We simply cannot afford changes that eliminate or reduce health care coverage for individuals and families, especially those fighting addiction, our seniors, and those struggling to make ends meet.