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About Tobacco 21

About the Law:

The law prohibits tobacco sales, inclusive of all products and paraphernalia including hookah, e-cigarettes, pipes, rolling papers, etc. to anyone under the age of 21.

The City will:

  • Require tobacco retailers to obtain and retain a Retail Tobacco and Paraphernalia Sales License, administered by Environmental Health here at CPH.
  • Require ID for all tobacco and paraphernalia sales up to age 30.
  • Require vendors to display CPH approved signage stating prohibition of sales to those under age 21.
  • Prohibit the sale of tobacco and paraphernalia through vending machines.
  • Create the authority to develop and administer a civil process designed to increase compliance and enforce the terms of the Retail Tobacco and Paraphernalia Sales License.
  • Prohibit tobacco and paraphernalia retailers from selling flavored tobacco products (excluding shisha tobacco).

Any associated fines collected will be deposited into a Tobacco Enforcement and Education Fund administered by CPH.