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Councilmembers Push for Street Sweeping Notification System

[Columbus, OH] Building on Columbus’ reputation of being a “Smart City,” residents and businesses are now able to sign up for street sweeping reminders online.

Curbed public streets are swept citywide. The primary purpose of street sweeping is to remove dirt, litter and debris from curbs and prevent those materials from being washed into storm sewers.

In many neighborhoods, permanent signs identify street sweeping parking restrictions. Residents and visitors are required to check signs carefully and adhere to the posted schedule. Vehicles not moved on sweeping days are impounded and towed at the owner’s expense. 

“I have received numerous calls from residents frustrated about vehicles being towed or not knowing of street sweeping time periods,” said Councilmember Michael Stinziano. “As Chair of Council’s Technology Committee, I saw an opportunity to collaborate on a common sense notification system with the Department of Public Service and their street sweeping fleet.”

The Department of Public Service tool allows people to enter their street address to find out when street sweepers are next scheduled to visit their neighborhood. This resource is similar to the online tool the department uses to provide trash, yard-waste and recycling collection dates.

Residents can receive notifications by email, phone or calendar invite.

“I was happy to work together with Councilmember Stinziano as well as the Departments of Public Service and Technology to implement this notification system, saving residents a trip to the impound lot while continuing to provide this critical City service,” said Councilmember Shannon Hardin, chair of the Public Service and Transportation Committee.

To learn more or sign up for street sweeping reminders, visit