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Renewable Energy


Beginning June 2018, the division added a "green power" component to its wholesale power contracting to support the City's sustainability objectives. To that end, the Division purchases 20% of its energy from "renewable energy resources," or "advanced energy resources" (defined under the Ohio Revised Code). This equates to approximately 180,000 MWh of renewable energy, which is like preserving 119,745 acres (close to the size of Columbus) of lush U.S. forests. Beginning 2023, this green power commitment will increase to 50%. The division is also exploring other renewable energy options, like solar, to help the city meet its goals.

The division has long-term contracts for all power purchased, and is presently contracted for all power through 2025.
If you are interested in selling Green Power to the Division of Power in the future, visit the City’s Vendor Services site where you can register as a new business, learn about doing business with the City, view the bid list and access the Vender Portal.


O'Shaughnessy Hydro Plant


The O'Shaughnessy hydro plant is a 5 MW hydro generating unit the City owns at one of its drinking water reservoirs. This resource is not be used to meet the requirements of the division's load. However, the division is committed to operating the hydro facility as a source of energy. The O'Shaughnessy hydro unit is undergoing some mechanical and control equipment refurbishment over the next few years, which will result in increased power production. 

New York Power Authority LogoNYPA

As a public power agency, the Division of Power has been assigned 1.4 MW of "preference power" from the New York Power Authority ("NYPA").  NYPA generates hydroelectricity from the Niagara and St. Lawrence rivers. Hydropower is a low-cost source of renewable electricity and is among the most cost-effective energy sources across the board. Electricity from hydro is not subject to unpredictable price swings in the markets for energy commodities.

For information about other City of Columbus sustainability initiatives visit:

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