Announcing New Paperless Options

Go Paperless

Visit our new Customer Portal to sign up for eBill, pay online via eCheck or credit card, auto pay and more. Features available include:

  • Paperless eBill
  • Pay online via eCheck or credit card
  • Auto pay
  • Bill copies and portal payment history
  • Submit billing inquiries
  • Customer newsletter, letters and other communications

  • NOTE: **If you were already a Customer Portal user, you will need to re-register due to a new vendor (as of June 2019). This includes reestablishing your auto-pay feature if you were using that feature.** It should take just a couple minutes and you will still enjoy the same benefits like paperless eBills, online payments, auto pay and more. Not a portal customer yet? Check out the benefits today!

    New Customer Portal Notice Spring/Summer 2019 Bill Insert