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Questionnaire Guide FAQs

GENERAL QUESTIONS - To ensure that we can continually provide safe and reliable drinking water to your property we periodically survey our customers to understand how water is being used throughout our service area. The questionnaire helps us identify where non-potable water systems (e.g. buried irrigation systems) are connected to the potable (drinking water) plumbing system.
  • Why am I receiving this questionnaire?
  • Is the questionnaire required?
  • Who should complete the questionnaire?
  • How do I submit the questionnaire?

Completing the Questionnaire

QUESTIONS 1 - 3B, SITE USE: Certain categories of properties often have equipment or systems that use water in a way that can pose a hazard to the potable (drinking) water system if not properly protected. Understanding the use of a property helps us understand the potential risk. Please tell us about how the property served by this water account is used.
  • 1) Type of building, facility, or site use
  • 2) Question 2 and 2a for residential only
  • Question 3 for non-residential or mixed use


Not all water supply pipes connected to a private plumbing system supply water for human consumption. Some connections could cause contamination or degradation of the water quality. This may make the water non-potable (unsuitable for drinking). For instance: a) fire sprinkler systems can contain stagnant water, chemicals added to improve fire suppression, or antifreeze; b) boilers/radiant heating systems can contain stagnant water or have chemicals added to condition the water; c) lawn irrigation systems can contain stagnant water that could be contaminated by herbicides, pesticides, or animal waste. Plumbing systems that are not intended for human consumption are typically isolated from the drinking water system by a mechanical device called a backflow preventer or backflow prevention assembly. Questions 4 – 6 help us understand where potential sources of non-potable water may be connected to the drinking water system.
  • 4) Does your property have another water supply system (e.g. a well for lawn irrigation, rainwater storage, or a pond that supplements your fire suppression system) or any recycled water systems?
  • 5) Does your property have a fire suppression system that uses city water and/or a private fire hydrant(s)?
  • 5a) Does the system use water only?
    If foam or other chemicals (e.g. anti-freeze) are used in the system answer "No."
  • 5b) Is there a fire department hose connection outside the building?
  • 6) Do you store or use any toxic or dangerous chemicals or substances on site that are in containers or tanks holding more than one gallon of the substance?


  • 7) Are there any booster pumps connected to your water supply plumbing?
  • 7a) If you have a fire pump, was it installed prior to August 8, 2008?