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November 29, 2017

About the Crew

Successful community investments are done through partnerships. Smart Columbus, Scioto Greenways, Columbus Commons, the Reeb Center, American Museum on Natural History and the National Veterans Memorial Museum are all examples of public and private entity’s ability to collaborate. 

The Columbus Crew SC could be another such success. The business community, loyal fan base and public institutions stand ready to begin turning this partnership into a reality. 

Today, Alex Fischer, President and CEO of the Columbus Partnership, and I sent a letter to MLS and owner Anthony Precourt, recapping our discussion in New York.

Imagine a bustling “stadium central” Downtown, with three professional sports arenas right in the heart of the city. Or envision a riverfront stadium on the Southwest Side, with ample park land to develop. Or what if we started fresh where the stadium is now, with a new state-of-the-art stadium adjacent to a destination entertainment district? And picture if the Crew was partly owned by the fans – the lifeblood of the team’s support.

But partnerships are a two-way street. We need a commitment from the Crew owner and MLS to keep the team in Columbus. We need to be able to operate in a good-faith environment – not compete with another city for the financial gain of the owner. 

I believe in the Columbus Crew SC – and I believe they belong right here, in the capital of Ohio. 

I believe there is a collaborative solution that works for everyone involved.

I believe professional soccer has a strong future in Columbus.

I believe. Do you?