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Columbus Police Explorers Information

Law Enforcement Exploring is a worksite-based program for young men and women who have completed the eighth grade and are between 14 - 21 years of age.

Explorer posts strive to provide insight into a variety of programs that offer hands-on career activities.  For the young men and women who are interested in a law enforcement career, Exploring offers experiential learning with fun-filled, hands-on activities that promote the growth and development of adolescent youth.

The Columbus Division of Police Explorer Program meets twice weekly. Programming activities are offered:

Monday, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM 
Columbus Police Academy (1000 N. Hague Avenue)

Wednesday, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Columbus Police Academy (1000 N. Hague Avenue)

 Explorers will learn about:

Police Radio 10-codes
Police Officers use radio codes to talk over the air.  Explorers are expected to learn these codes and are tested on them weekly.
Physical Training
Explorers are tested on the physical standards that applicants are required to meet in order to become an officer.
Crime Scene Search / Investigation
Training goes above a normal officer's duty to investigate and search a crime scene, collect evidence, and potentially solve a crime.
Bomb Threat Response
Includes what to do in an extreme situation of any bomb threat or other serious threat to potentially injure property and life.
Building Searches
An example of a burglary with an open building, preparing how to make an entrance and search a premises to look for suspects.

Arrest and Search Techniques
Training that SWAT uses in their duties, making entry into a building with a search warrant to arrest persons and search the property.
Accident Investigation
How to investigate a serious traffic accident, taking measurements and witness statements in order to determine the series of events that caused an accident.
Domestic Crisis Intervention
The most common call, domestic situations can escalate into violence.  Explorers are trained how to solve common domestic problems.
Crisis Negotiation
Some serious situations can result in a suspect holding a hostage.  Explorers learn negotiating techniques used to end these situations peacefully.
Traffic Stops
A common pickup run, Explorers train for various situations: from a basic traffic ticket that goes without incident to irate drivers and even high-risk felony stops.
Uniform inspections are conducted often.  Uniforms are inspected to ensure Explorers are representing the Post and the Division proudly.
Defensive Tactics
The Defensive Tactics Unit gives Explorers training on how to control a prisoner in custody and training to protect themselves from harm.
And much more... 
Other activities include Crime Prevention, White Collar Crime, Emergency Field First Aid, Vice, Narcotics, and Canine.  



All Explorers that join may participate in the Division's Explorer Ride-Along Program with Columbus Police Officers after a three-month probationary period.  During a ride-along, Explorers experience first hand what an officer's daily duties are like.  Members will see what happens on the street and can even assist officers with tasks such as paperwork, computer operations, and radio transmissions.

Explorers also have several opportunities to attend regional and national competitions and conferences.

For more information, feel free to contact one of the following officers:

Main Number: (614)724-XPLR(9757) -OR- Recruiting Number: (614)645-4642

Officer Eric Westbrook #2532 (Senior Advisor)

Officer Samuel James #2602 (Senior Advisor)

Officer Cody Rostorfer #2678 (Post Advisor)

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